New Carbon Fibre Chassis Concept for the TC3
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ETC3 TNG V7.1 Carbon Fibre Chassis Features

  • 12 gm lighter than FT Graphite chassis. Even greater weight savings realized if upgrading from standard components.
  • 3mm carbon fibre upper/lower chassis.
  • Altered component placement to improve weight distribution.
  • 2 battery configurations (3/3 or 4/2) in combination with additional battery slot yields 4 options for battery placement. This provides a method to alter wheel weight balance and chassis dynamics in roll, pitch and yaw.

    Predicted Chassis Weight Balance
    Battery Placement Weight Balance
    Left Right Front Rear
    4/2 aft 50.0% 50.0% 49.2% 50.8%
    4/2 forward 50.0% 50.0% 50.2% 49.8%
    3 aft/3 48.6% 51.4% 50.1% 49.9%
    3 forward/3 48.6% 51.4% 51.4% 48.6%

    Note: Weight balance varies slightly depending on placement and weight of electronics and servo

  • Roll, pitch and yaw mass properties improved by up to 5%. Best overall improvement with 4/2 aft battery placement.
  • Uses standard TC3 motor adjustment mount and hardware.
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